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Volunteers have been been working very hard to help get the restored Cresswell Pele Tower ready for its public unveiling, despite hail, thunderstorms and COVID.

The Pele Tower at Cresswell was built by the Cresswell family in the 15th century and is one of about 175 Pele towers in Northumberland.  Cresswell Pele Tower Charitable Incorporated Organisation, funded by a huge grant of ¬£667,600 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, is approaching the end of its project to fully restore the three-storey tower and its environs, and volunteers have been involved at every stage.

On 17th July, the tower is due to be opened to the public as a visitor attraction. Recently, the organisation’s volunteer co-ordinator, Steve Lowe recorded a chat he had with three volunteers when they took a break from digging as they worked on getting the grounds shipshape in time for opening day.

Lesley, Margaret and Susan had heard about the volunteering opportunity via Facebook and jumped at the chance to be able to work together during the pandemic on something so worthwhile.

Listen to their chat with Steve:





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