Penny Edwards


Penny Edwards has been volunteering for English Heritage Trust in Northumberland since 2019. Penny joined the Trust as a Monitor Volunteer at a variety of sites, including Berwick Ramparts and Temple of Mithras on Hadrian’s Wall. The role involves caring for the presentation of our free sites, reporting on damage and chatting to visitors.

In summer 2020, with the Monitor role on hold due to the pandemic, Penny also became involved in English Heritage’s Volunteer Engagement Team. Helping from home, Penny was a valued member of the team who worked tirelessly to help volunteers across the country keep in touch when they were unable to return to their sites for their usual volunteering. Penny continues to help run a successful series of quizzes for volunteers across the country.

Of the experience so far, Penny has said “I have found volunteering with English Heritage to be a very positive experience. It allows me to make a useful contribution to our historic environment, which is something I really care about. The role has encouraged me to find out much more about the sites I visit, and it has been nice to interact with other people with similar interests. I definitely feel valued by the organisation I volunteer for, and that is a good feeling to have!”