Would you like to make Glendale a better place for young people to enjoy?

What does the Wooler Drop in Centre do?

We are a registered charity with the aim of making the lives of young people in our area better.  We do this by providing evening sessions in the centre, leisure in a safe environment, indoor and outdoor activities, and advice and counselling.

Our managers, team and volunteers are a vibrant enthusiastic group looking to increase our services by providing what young people want. We are pleased to be facing demands for more time open and more outdoor activities.


The Trustee’s role

The Board’s role is to ensure the charity meets its objectives, agreeing a longer term strategy and ensuring that internal management and development meet our standards and embody best practice. Additionally, to ensure contractual obligations are met and we act in accordance with current legislation.

Trustees are expected to attend meetings, at least, every two months to review activities, progress and the financial situation.  We also discuss issues brought to us by the managers or staff to support their decisions and endeavours.

Some Trustees take on specific roles to contribute in their areas of special interest or skills.


Current Trustee requirements

We are looking for 2 or 3 Trustees who are passionate about improving the lives of young people. Experience of working or managing in this environment will be welcomed.  In addition, general business management, employment law, fundraising or PR/social media skills would be valuable.


More information

For more information please contact Maurice Ward, Chairperson, by phone: 07704 329232 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.