North East Together event 19: Learning together for a better future

Sector Training & Events
Date: 25 June 2020 14:45 - 16:30

Venue: Online

Since the last event in February all our worlds have changed more than we could have imagined. We’ve seen illness, death, damage, and fear brought about by COVID-19 for us in the UK and for our fellow global citizens. We’ve also seen daily demonstrations of the generosity, love and care we amazing human beings show each other. And in our organisations, structures and systems - VCSE, public, private, large, small - we’ve seen how what once would have felt too hard or big to change happen almost overnight. We’ve seen organisations adapt at speed to continue to be able to support people and communities. 

This event focuses on how we can learn from what we are experiencing now and how we can use what we’re learning to imagine and create a new future together

Please book your place via And share this with anyone you think will be interested. 



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  • 25 June 2020 14:45 - 16:30

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