Space to Connect

Community organisations across England looking to improve spaces where people can connect and co-operate can now apply for grants of up to £50,000 from Space to Connect – the Coop Foundation’s £1.6 million partnership with government. Two strands of funding are available:
  • ‘Enhance’ – organisations that are using community spaces in innovative and creative ways can apply for grants of £30,000 to £50,000 to help expand activities and embed sustainable ways of working so they can build a more secure future. Revenue and capital funding is available. Applications close at midday (12pm) on Wednesday 31 July.
  •  ‘Explore’ – organisations that want to help communities start to explore ways that local challenges could be addressed through better use of space, and/or identify potential spaces that could be opened up to community use can apply for grants of up to £10,000. Revenue funding only. Applications close on at midday (12pm) on Monday 12 August 2019
Full details are available on the Coop Foundation's website.

Carers Innovation Fund

The £5 million Carers Innovation Fund will invest in innovative ways of supporting unpaid carers, outside of mainstream health and care services.  This funding will be used to improve support across the country and help build more carer-friendly communities.
Applicants will need to demonstrate their idea is a fresh approach that is better than existing provision, will benefit the local community and can be expanded and replicated.  The voluntary sector, charities, SMEs and commercial organisations can all bid for funding to prove their concept, with the aim of securing longer term funding from other sources. Carers and other experts will sit on the evaluation panel to make sure proposals are feasible.
The fund was first announced last year as part of the Carers Action Plan, a cross-government programme of targeted work to support unpaid carers over the next 2 years. Initially the fund was worth half a million pounds. However, funding was later increased to £5 million. Full information on the Government's website.

Safeguarding Training Fund

The first phase is currently supporting the ‘Safer Social Sector Partnership’ led by NCVO to design a national and generic online safeguarding training package, suitable for all charities big and small, to improve safeguarding/safe culture practice. These materials will be available by the end of September 2019. The overall objectives of the Safeguarding Training Fund are:
  • To improve awareness of good safeguarding practice through the delivery of a national and generic safeguarding training package. This will improve access to safeguarding training and support to protect both children and adults at risk, and promote a safe culture within charities.
  • To extend the reach of existing resources around safeguarding, and support engaging mechanisms to deliver safeguarding training which reaches both small and large organisations.
  • To provide an insight into the impact of the safeguarding training, which helps to build a long term legacy for this work and embed good safeguarding practice and awareness into the sector.
This is the second phase of the Safeguarding Training Fund, a partnership between DCMS and The Fund, which will invest £1.14 million to improve access to safeguarding/safe culture support materials. During the second phase they expect to fund 5 – 10 organisations to distribute the phase 1 materials, promote and champion safeguarding/safe culture, and enable local networking and self-support. Grants will be in the region of £50,000 to £115,000 from November 2019 until the end of March 2022. The deadline for expressions of interest is 21 July 2019 at 23:59. Full details are on the National Lottery Community Fund website.

Contract: Home Care Flexible Purchasing System

This contract is for the provision of home care services for adults with care and support needs, whether funded under social care legislation, as NHS Continuing Health Care, or as aftercare under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act.

The aim of the Service is to enable Service Users receiving home and community support to remain in the environment of their choice for as long as possible and to enable them to lead a good quality of life.

The contract opportunity is split into ten Lots based on geographical regions within Northumberland. Within each Lot there operates a three tiered system, with a single ‘Preferred Provider’ in place at Tier 1 who has a right of first refusal for each referral available within that Lot. If the Tier 1 Provider does not respond to the referral within a short timescale, or cannot meet the need, then the referral will be offered to the Providers within Tier 2. Similarly if no Tier 2 Provider responds, or cannot meet the need within a short timeframe then the referral will be offered to any Providers on the third Tier.

This Flexible Purchasing System was established on 1st April 2019, however new applications are now welcome for appointment to Tier 2 and Tier 3 positions on each Lot.

Full details can be found here.

2020 GSK IMPACT Awards

The GSK IMPACT Awards provide core funding, training and national recognition for charities doing excellent work to improve people’s health and wellbeing. Up to 20 awards will be made ranging from £3,000 to £40,000. To be eligible organisations must be at least three years old, a registered charity, working in a health-related field in the UK, with income between £80,000 and £2.5 million.
Winning organisations will have a film made, receive support with press and publicity and be given a set of promotional materials. They will also be offered free training and development valued at a further £9,500.  In 2020 there will be three days of training leading up to the GSK IMPACT Awards ceremony in London. After this participants will be invited to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network which connects past award winners both online and at meetings, to get and give support, share best practice and continue their professional development. Many participants have commented that the training, the new ideas and enthusiasm that they take away, and the connections they make is even more important than the award money.
To apply go to:
Closing date for applications: 23 September 2019