Contract: Nursery Provision - Blyth Central

Northumberland County Council are about to undertake a procurement exercise to seek tenders from suitably experienced and qualified organisations with the intention of identifying a childcare provider with whom they can work to develop the offer in Blyth.

The aim is to create 100 places (50 children at any one time) in order to deliver the 3 and 4 year old entitlement to eligible children within the Blyth Central Children’s Centre area. This will be done on a commercially sustainable basis from high quality refurbished premises owned by the Council and located in Blyth.

The Provider will be expected to meet the cost of running the building, (utilities etc) from its own resources and in addition pay the Council a rental income.

The service is intended to create additional capacity to meet local need and is not intended to create direct competition with the playgroup provision that already operates within the Children’s Centre and which is aimed at 0-2 year olds. The aim is to have a service operational by September 2019.

Further information is on the Pro-contract website.

Barratt & David Wilson Community Fund

Barratt Developments North East, which includes the Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes brands, has launched a new Community Fund; the scheme will see a different local charity or organisation receive £1,000 from the housebuilder every month.

You can read the article in the Morpeth Herald about the first award that was awarded to Contact Morpeth Mental Health.

Grants are awarded for developments close to Barratt Developments in Northumberland this includes a site in Morpeth and a site in Pegswood which is due to start development soon.

Barratt North East contact details can be found here.

European Social Fund - Skills for Growth

A new European Social Fund (ESF) funding opportunity has recently been launched.  The funding available is part of the England 2014 to 2020 European Structural Investment Fund Growth Programme which is available to the region and focuses on employability and skills. 
North East Region - ESF Skills for Growth:
Investment Priority 2.1 - Enhancing equal access to lifelong learning and;
Investment Priority 2.2 - Improving the labour market relevance of education and training systems
ESF investment through this call is focused on helping to deliver the north east region's strategies and plans that promote the development of a highly skilled workforce, aiming to improve the skill sets of individual employees and support business productivity and growth. 
Projects responding to this call should deliver activities in the North East Region LEP area.  
Indicative Funding Allocation: Approximately £27.16 million ESF is available (IP 2.1 - £20m available and IP 2.2 £7.16m available)
Please note - the Managing Authority will give preference to applications over £5m of ESF to any single project within IP 2.1 and does not intend to allocate less than £1,791,500 of ESF to any single project for IP 2.2.
Deadline:  27th August 2019 - this is for completion and submission of a Full Application.  The Managing Authority is now using a single stage application process.  All applications now also need to be submitted using the ECLAIMS IT system only.  
See full call specification for details: ESF north east skills for growth call OC25S19P1405

The LEP and officers from the North East Technical Assistance Project intend to hold a launch event soon for interested applicants.  Full details will be circulated once finalised.  In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to discuss anything further, please contact:
Elaine Maylin, Senior Project Officer (ESF), tel 01670 623 876 / mobile 07966323659, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Angus Irvine Playing Fields Fund

The Playing Fields Legacy Fund was a charity established by the late Angus Irvine in 2012, prompted by what he felt was a failure of the 2012 London Olympics to provide the promised legacy for grass-roots sport.  In order to fully capitalise on what Angus achieved, in 2018 the trustees decided to join forces with Access Sport and form a new fund, through which Access Sport will act as custodian of Angus' legacy for the long-term.

The fund is available to local community groups, sports clubs and charities.

Grants will typically be in the range from £2.5k - £5k although a larger grant may be possible in some circumstances.

Applications can be made for grants towards some or all of the following types of projects with the intention of growing capacity to reach more young people:

  1. The development and improvement of playing fields and other facilities
  2. The development and training of volunteers including the provision of qualifications
  3. The purchase of specialist disability equipment
  4. The development of long-term sustainability, for example marketing and finance expertise

Where it can be demonstrated that a grant will help unlock additional funding from other funders, this is encouraged. The next deadline for applications is 31st July 2019. More details can be found on Access Sport's Website.

Credit Union Development Fund

The Lloyds Banking Group Credit Union Development Fund is part of the Group’s ‘Helping Britain Prosper Plan,’ which was launched in March 2014, and is part of its commitment to improve financial inclusion levels across the UK. It was set up as a four year fund with £1 million available each year. Following the success of the first four years, Lloyds Banking Group added an additional £2 million to the Fund for distribution in 2018 and 2019.

Grants are to existing credit unions which can show good performance and strong plans for their future development.

There are two types of grant:

  • Large Grants (of between £50,000 and £100,000) will provide a contribution to a credit union’s reserves and help remove barriers to growth and innovation. Open to all credit unions including previous Large Grant winners (with some additional criteria).
  • Seed Grants (of between £10,000 and £20,000) to help credit unions invest in resources and activities to improve sustainability and increased efficiency for lending, such as the costs related to a merger or investment in digital improvements.
The deadline for application is the 30th June 2019. More details are available on the Credit Union Foundation's website.

Resource Action Fund

The Resource Action Fund is an £18 million fund, provided by Defra to support resource efficiency projects, with the goal of diverting, reducing, and better managing, waste.

The large and small-scale Food Waste Prevention grants are now open for applications.

Large scale grants
Food Waste Prevention – Stage 1 proposals open 13 May – 1 July 2019
This scheme is to provide capital infrastructure that will help address a current capacity gap in the sector for redistributing food that is currently being wasted, diverting this to people in need. The grants will support redistributing a significant volume of food to end beneficiaries through not-for-profit organisations / non-commercial activity. This large-scale grant will fund between £200k to £1M projects.

Small scale grants
Wave 1: Food Waste Prevention - open 13 May – 15 July 2019
Programme of grants to provide new small-scale capital infrastructure and revenue support to organisations redistributing surplus food from the likes of retailers and food manufacturers.  This programme will continue the success of the previous small-scale redistribution programme delivered by WRAP in addressing barriers to food redistribution. This small-scale grant will fund projects between £20,000 and £170,000.


Further programmes are due to open over 2019 and beyond. Details are available here.