Become a member of Northumberland CVA:

Our membership enables every VCS organisation in Northumberland, regardless of size, to access, be represented by, and benefit from Northumberland CVA.

Membership of Northumberland CVA is free and open to any voluntary and community sector groups, clubs and organisations based within or operating in Northumberland. 

Having a strong membership helps us to achieve our mission to engage, stimulate and inspire the creation and development of strong, sustainable and vibrant communities in Northumberland and the surrounding areas. 

Becoming a member of Northumberland CVA allows you to show your support for our mission and influence the way we develop in the future.

Why not join us.  We’d love to have you as a member of Northumberland CVA. 


Our membership offer:

Membership of any organisation carries with it certain benefits and responsibilities.


Benefits of Northumberland CVA membership:

By becoming a member, your organisation will be represented by Northumberland CVA and can access the following benefits:

  • Free online Community Directory listing – Each listing allows the facility of searching for organisations by name, the services they provide, the client groups they work with and the geographical areas of Northumberland in which they work, as well as by venue and by the meeting spaces they offer.
  • Free membership of Northumberland Trustees' Network – Membership of the Network gives your trustees free access to a huge online bank of over 350 resources that offer guidance in every aspect of a trustee’s role, with monthly network e-bulletins that bring news of changes in the law and updates to essential guidance.  Membership of the network would otherwise cost £50 per year for organisations with an annual turnover of £10,000 and above.
  • Free job advertising – Our fortnightly e-bulletin goes out to over 500 contacts, the vast majority from the voluntary and community sector in Northumberland.  What's more, feedback tells us the bulletin is regularly forwarded to countless others.  That’s a big audience.  Non-members pay £25.00 per listing.
  • Reduced rates for events/training – Any charged-for events and training offered by Northumberland CVA, Northumberland VCS Assembly and Northumberland Trustees’ Network will be offered at a reduced rate to members of Northumberland CVA. 
  • Cheque handling service – Some grant-making charitable trusts limit their giving to registered charities, i.e. charities which are registered with the Charity Commission.  In such cases Northumberland CVA is able to act as an intermediary for its members for a charge of £10 per cheque to cover administration costs.
  • Northumberland CVA voting rights – Member organisations are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary Meetings of Northumberland CVA and to stand for election to our Board of Trustees.  
  • Reduced rates for room hire at Northumberland CVA premises – Our premises on Station road in Ashington include conference and meeting room facilities, which are available at a reduced rate for members.
  • Reduced rates for hire of Northumberland CVA equipment – We have a range of equipment, such as projectors, screens and a PA system available for short term hire at reduced rates for members.
  • Reduced rates for office services – Northumberland CVA can offer photocopying, printing, typing, laminating and mail-out services to its members at reduced rates


Your responsibilities as a member of Northumberland CVA:

We want Northumberland CVA to be a catalyst for positive change by delivering high quality services that allow the sector to grow and develop to enhance our communities.  As a member, your organisation has a responsibility to ensure Northumberland CVA is representative of and is effectively representing the voluntary and community sector in Northumberland, and that our services fulfil the needs of our users.  As a member, you can support our work in the following ways:

  • AGM - In order to represent our members effectively, it is important that the make up of our board of trustees accurately reflects the nature of the voluntary and community sector in Northumberland, and so it is a responsibility of our members to make every effort to attend our AGM and to vote.
  • Surveys - We ask for your feedback so we can monitor and evaluate our activities to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members and any other groups and individuals who access our services.  As part of our work we also gather evidence on the health of the sector in Northumberland - on whether it is surviving or thriving - so we can target our resources as effectively as possible and contribute to local, regional and national data that can influence policy.
  • Networks/Forums - Voluntary and community sector networks and forums give participants great platforms to exchange experiences and ideas, to promote good practice and to raise any common issues that we could take up on behalf of the sector.


To become a member:

Simply download, complete and return a copy of the Northumberland CVA Application and Registration Pack.  All submitted applications for membership will be considered by our CEO and Chair as promptly as possible. 


For more information on membership:

Contact Jackie Auld, Information & Communications Officer:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Landline: 01670 858688