Smoke Free Families


A new campaign, “Secondhand Smoke is Poison”, was launched by Fresh on 22nd June 2017.  It is supported by the British Lung Foundation and funded by 11 local authorities in the North East. 


The campaign incorporates TV advertising on Tyne Tees TV (reach of est. 1.3 million adults and 249,0000 teenagers aged 13-18), radio, a campaign website and digital advertising, and localized proactive PR aimed at generating news coverage.

The campaign aims to:

  • EDUCATE about secondhand smoke and its harms, and highlight that what many smokers are currently doing (smoking at the door or window, or smoking when children are out of the house) still isn’t enough to protect children.
  • ENCOURAGE RE-ASSESSMENT: The only way to fully protect children is to take any smoking right outside.
  • Provide DIRECTION AND SUPPORT, by giving people the necessary information to enable them to change their behaviour, which includes tips and local quitting support on the website.

Further information and resources are available from, including:

  • Key facts
  • A short film – Is It Ever Safe to Smoke Indoors?
  • An interactive Q and A tool asking about people’s own smoking behaviour in the home, designed at opening a discussion and providing tips

Advice on ways to quit including local stop smoking service support.If you would like any further information about this campaign or any other support or resources for your school around tobacco control or stopping smoking  in Northumberland, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Tobacco Control Lead, Tim Holmes on 01670 784181