This list includes information on funders that have a North East or Northumberland focus and will be updated as and when we receive information on funding deadlines. It is important that you check with each funder directly as deadlines may change.


April 2018

Rothley Trust - 3rd April
Co-op Local Fund - 8th April
Newcastle Building Society - 12th April
Women's Fund - 12th April
Comic Relief Core Strength - 13th April
Musical Traditions Fund - 15th April
Northern Angel Fund (Berwick) - 16th April
Ray Wind Farm - 16th April
Kellett Fund - 20th April
Social Action Fund - 20th April
Hospital of God - 27th April

May 2018

Wingates Wind Farm - 14th May
Chysalis Trust - 15th May
Greggs, NE Core - 17th May
Banks Community Fund - 18th May
NCC Sport & Play - 18th May
PCC Community Fund - 20th May
Culture Bridge NE Fund - 21st May
Calor Rural Community Fund - 21st May
NCC - Community Chest - 25th May
Middlemoor Wind Farm Fund - 28th May
The Joicey Trust - 31st May

June 2018

High Sheriff Nld Award - 4th June
Coalfields Regen Trust - 8th June
Sir James Knott Trust - 15th June
Gillian Dickinson Trust - 15th June
Greggs, Environment - 22nd June
Greggs, Local Projects - 22nd June
Hadrian Trust - 22nd June
Newcastle Building Society - 29th June

July 2018

MG Northumbria - 1st July
Rothley Trust - 6th July

August 2018

Local Env Action Fund - 1st August
High Sheriff Nld Award - 6th August
Banks Community Fund - 16th August
NCC Sport & Play - 17th August
Hospital of God - 31st August

September 2018

Coalfields Regen Trust - 7th September
Newcastle Building Society - 24th September
NCC - Community Chest - 28th September

October 2018

November 2018

Virgin Money Foundation NE Fund - 10th Nov
NCC Sport & Play - 16th November
Banks Community Fund - 18th November

December 2018

Coalfields Regen Trust - 7th December
#iwill Take Action Fund - December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

NCC Sport & Play - 15th February

March 2019



No specific deadlines

1989 Willan Charitable Trust Local Environment Action Fund (Under £2k) Sir James Knott Trust (Under £1k)
Ballinger Charitable Trust William Leech Charity  



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Don't leave your application until the deadline, as some funds may close early!