This list includes information on funders that have a North East or Northumberland focus and will be updated as and when we receive information on funding deadlines. It is important that you check with each funder directly as deadlines may change.


January 2019

Northern Powergrid Community Fund - 4th Jan
NCC Community Chest - 11th January
Children in Need (Main) - 13th January
Hadrian Trust - 13th January
Rothley Trust - 18th January
Green Rigg Wind Farm - 21st January
Gillian Dickinson Trust - 25th January
High Sheriff Award - 26th January

February 2019

Wellesley Trust - 4th February
West Northumberland Grants - 4th February
Banks Community Fund - 7th February
Sir James Knott Trust - 8th February
Lloyds Bank Foundation - 8th February
Leeds Building Society - 11th February
Wingates Wind Farm - 12th February
Sisters & North Steads Fund - 15th February
NCC Sport & Play - 15th February
Middlemoor Wind Farm - 15th February
Bellingham Fund - 18th February
P&G Fund - 18th February
Frederick Milburn Fund - 20th February
Culture Bridge NE Fund - 22nd February
Barmoor Wind Farm - 25th February
Greggs Local Fund - 28th February

March 2019

Ted Weekes Fund - 1st March
Children in Need (Small) - 3rd March
Community Partnering Fund - 7th March
Coalfields Regen Trust - 8th March
Greggs NE Core - 9th March
Rose Jo
icey Fund - 11th March
Newcastle Building Society - 15th March
Boundary Lane Wind Farm - 22nd March
Shears Foundation - 24th March
Hadrian Trust - 24th March

April 2019

The Women's Fund - 1st April
Healthy Heart Grants - 8th April
Musical Traditions - 10th April
CoRE Legacy Fund - 30th April

May 2019

Banks Community Fund - 9th May
Wingates Wind Farm - 13th May
Leeds Building Society - 13th May
Chrysalis Trust - 15th May
NCC Sport & Play - 17th May

Children in Need (Small) - 27th May
Children in Need (Main) - 28th May
The Joicey Trust - 31st May

June 2019

Coalfields Regen Trust - 7th June
Shears Foundation - 23rd June


July 2019


August 2019

Leeds Building Society - 5th August
Banks Community Fund - 8th August
Wingates Wind Farm - 12th August
NCC Sport & Play - 16th August


September 2019

Coalfields Regen Trust - 6th September
Shears Foundation - 23rd September


October 2019

Leeds Building Society - 7th October

November 2019

NCC Sport & Play - 15th November

December 2019

Coalfields Regen Trust - 6th December
Chrysalis Trust - 15th December
Shears Foundation - 24th December




No specific deadlines

1989 Willan Charitable Trust Local Environment Action Fund (Under £2k) Sir James Knott Trust (Under £1k)
Ballinger Charitable Trust William Leech Charity  Reeds Grassroots Fund



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Don't leave your application until the deadline, as some funds may close early!



21st March 2019

Port Training Centre, Quay Road, Blyth, NE24 3PA
Appointments 1pm to 4:30pm

Our Funding Fairs offer a great opportunity for groups to talk directly to funders about their project and get invaluable advice on submitting winning bids. The event is run on an appointments basis with 10 minute appointments available with funders.

We have 13 Funders due to attend

  • BBC Children in Need (TBC)
  • The Coalfields Regeneration Trust
  • The Community Foundation
  • Greggs Foundation
  • Hadrian Trust
  • The Joicey Trust
  • Sir James Knott Trust
  • R W Mann Trust
  • The National Lottery Community Fund
  • NCC Community Chest
  • Northumberland National Park Authority
  • Northstar Ventures
  • The Rothley Trust

Booking is now open!

Early Bird Booking - The first 12 completed forms returned will be guaranteed their top 3 appointments (as long as the projects and organisations are eligible).

To book a place please download a booking form and the directory of funders. The deadline for bookings is 9am on the 14th March 2019.

In addition to funders, our Northumberland VCS Support Services team will be available to advise groups on developing their projects, volunteering and finding other sources of funding.

For more information contact Marc Johnson on 01670 858688 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Heritage Lottery Fund have changed their name to The National Lottery Heritage Fund and have launched a new funding strategy.

The new approach includes:

  • A major focus on nature, communities, and on ensuring everyone is able to enjoy heritage.
  • new models of investment, moving beyond grants to include loans and partnerships.
  • more support for commercial, sustainable approaches to tackling heritage that’s in danger of being lost
  • investment and support to help heritage organisations to be more financially sustainable
  • a requirement for every heritage project that receives funding to be environmentally friendly
  • simpler, streamlined and more efficient funding
  • greater engagement and support to help 13 deprived communities that have in the past been less successful securing funding
  • continued support for large-scale, iconic projects over £5 million

The open programme for applications is National Lottery Grants for Heritage which is for any type of heritage project from £3,000–£5 million. These grants are divided in to 3 categories:

£3,000 to £10,000
£10,000 to £250,000
£250,000 to £5m More information is available at

The National Lottery Community Fund is the new name for the Big Lottery the aim of this move is to make a clear link between playing the National Lottery and the good causes that benefit.

The three main programmes to be aware of at the TNLCF are responsive to meeting the needs identified by the community. 

Awards for All is the small grants scheme that funds local community-based projects in the UK.  Grants of between £300 and £10,000 are available to help make a real difference in your community, for projects that last no more than 12-months. 

Reaching Communities is a large grant scheme, providing grants of over £10,000 for projects that can last for up to 5 years.

Partnership Funding provides grants of over £10,000 for organisations which work together with a shared set of goals and values.

To find out more about the TNLCF and all its funding programmes, please visit their website at

Groundwork is working with Tesco to help mark the supermarkets 100th birthday to offer communities in the UK the chance to bag their share of  £100,000. 

Throughout July and August the first of two special funding rounds will concentrate on groups delivering health and wellbeing benefits, with a particular focus on groups tackling cancer, heart disease and diabetes, in line with the supermarket’s National Health Partnership.

Applications are open to all community projects bringing benefits across a region, with Tesco colleagues involved in shortlisting three applications in each area. Customers are then invited to vote for which group they’d like to receive grants of £25,000, £15,000 and £10,000, casting their votes using blue tokens handed out at checkout points.
The types of projects funded will be very broad and will cover the direct costs needed to deliver the project, this could range from:

  • Improvements to a building of regional or national significance that benefits the whole community such as a museum, hospice, specialist hospital ward, art gallery, heritage centre, wildlife centre or an ancient monument.
  • Improvements to an outdoor space of regional or national significance such as walking/cycling routes, gardens, nature reserves, wildlife areas, waterways or woodlands.
  • Delivering activities or charitable services across a whole region such as health and wellbeing support activities, foodbanks, community clubs, homelessness support, sporting activities, recycling/upcycling programmes, regional school focused programmes and community festivals or events.
  • Providing equipment that will benefit the whole region such as medical equipment, minibuses, mobile libraries and safety equipment.

Another voting round will launch in November, with even more projects sharing in the cash over the course of the year.

More information is available on Groundwork's website.

The Bright Ideas Fund supports new community business ideas through the start-up and planning stages with tailored business support, to the implementation stage with grants of up to £15,000.

The Bright Ideas Fund is funded by Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, and delivered by Locality, the national network for community organisations, in partnership with Co-operatives UK, the Plunkett Foundation and Groundwork UK.

The Bright Ideas Fund application will open on 26 February 2019, and close on Tuesday 9 April 2019.

A webinar will be held at 11am – 12pm on Wednesday 13 March 2019.

For further information visit the My Community website

The Shears Foundation welcomes applications from registered charities who are working in one of their priority areas. These are currently:

  • The development of culture and the arts.
  • The development and provision of educational opportunities for adults and / or children.
  • Protection, preservation or enhancement of the natural environment.
  • Creating stronger / better / more sustainable communities.
  • Promoting health and medicine, with an emphasis on research or education.

The foundation place a great deal of emphasis in supporting groups whose work is in the Tyne & Wear and Northumberland regions. Applications from charities working in these areas will be given priority.

The Shears Foundation will support core costs, including staffing but will not contribute to capital projects.

Some useful tips from the Shears Foundation:

  • You need to be a registered charity to apply to the Shears Foundation.
  • Please give us all the information that you can to help our trustees make a decision.
  • Ensure that the financial section of your application is accurate and balances.
  • Our trustees look more favourably on applications where your project is being funded from a range of sources / funders.
  • Our trustees are less favourable to applications where we are shown as the sole funder.
  • If you haven't had a grant from the Shears Foundation before, grant applications of less than £15,000 are more likely to be successful.
  • You can make an application at any time and this will be considered at the end of the quarter.

The deadlines for each quarter are:

  • 23rd June.
  • 23rd September.
  • 24th December.
  • 24th March.

More information information is available on the Shears Foundation website.

The Ted Weekes Fund at the Community Foundation welcomes applications from community groups in support of children and young people's projects operating in the areas of New Hartley and Seaton Sluice.

The fund was established in 2002 and to date it has made grants amounting to nearly £150,000 to local community groups across a variety of projects including sports, school holiday activity programmes, arts projects, and IT equipment.

Grants from £750 to £3,000 are available for equipment and resources for activities, small running costs (for example room hire), and inspirational trips or visits.

The deadline is Friday 1st March at 4pm.Full details can be found on the Community Foundation's website.

community foundation

The foundation's funding comes from the unclaimed assets from Standard Life’s demutualisation in 2006, which was received in 2017.

The foundation's mission is to contribute towards strategic change which improves financial well-being in the UK. All work they fund must be strategic. They are particularly interested in work that has the potential to create a step change in policy, practice, attitudes and/or behaviour. There is no minimum or maximum size of grant and the amount you request should be the amount you need. It’s likely that grants will range between £10,000 and £250,000, with most between £50,000 to £150,000 in total. The deadline in 2019 are 4th February and 4th June. For more details visit the Standard Life website.

The Coalfields Community Investment Programme (England) is a £500,000 fund created to support activities that tackle some of the key challenges that still remain in coalfield communities. The fund is open to projects that deliver in the top 30% most deprived coalfield communities and that will make a positive difference in addressing the following themes:

Skills: Growing the skills of people in order to increase their opportunities
Employment: Developing pathways to increase the number of people in work
Health: Supporting activities that improve the health and wellbeing of all age groups

The deadline dates for 2019 are:

April 2019 Committee – The Eligibility survey opens on 17th December 2018 and closes at 5pm on 8th March 2019. The deadline for applications is 15th March 2019 at 5pm. 

July 2019 Committee – The Eligibility survey opens on 18th March 2019 and closes at 5pm on 7th June 2019. The deadline for applications is 14th June 2019 at 5pm.

October 2019 Committee – The Eligibility survey opens on 17th June 2019 and closes at 5pm on 6th September 2019. The deadline for applications is 13th September 2019 at 5pm.

January 2020 Committee – The Eligibility survey opens on 16th September 2019 and closes on at 5pm on 6th December 2019. The deadline for applications is 13th December 2019 at 5pm.

All the information on registering an enquiry relating to a project is on the following page:  Please read all the information and the guidance notes carefully before deciding whether to complete the Eligibility Survey.


Due to open on 1st February with a closing date of 15th March 2019.

In order to make a nomination for funding, your charity or constituted community group must meet the following criteria:

  • Groups must be nominated by at least one current customer of the Society

  • Recognised community groups/initiatives within the North East or branch area for out of area branches

  • Any funding provided must ‘make a difference’ and be the reason why the initiative would be able to start

  • Project must be at a stage where it can start within 3 months

  • The funding must be used for a specific project- not just a donation

Grants are usually up to £3,000.Full details and the link to apply should go live on the 1st February on the Newcastle Building Society website.



Big Lottery Fund have made changes to their funding so that it's easier to apply for National Lottery funding.

They have nearly tripled the number of staff across England, and they will be working more closely with communities that they support. This means you'll have the same local point of contact throughout your application.

They're also moving away from standardised application forms so that they can focus on supporting the best ideas, not the people who are best at filling in forms. You can now submit your ideas online, by phone or in person. Big Lottery Fund support ideas that meet their three funding priorities. These are projects that:

  • bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities

  • improve the places and spaces that matter to communities

  • enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

Big Lottery Fund now offer three types of funding: National Lottery Awards for All

The National Lottery Awards for All scheme offers funding from £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities.

Find out more about National Lottery Awards for All funding


Reaching Communities

Reaching Communities offers grants of over £10,000 to support single organisations with great ideas that enable communities to thrive. 

Find out more about Reaching Communities funding



The Partnerships funding provides grants of over £10,000 for groups or organisations who have great ideas to do amazing things together. 

Find out more about Partnerships funding

The Foundation primarily provides funding towards practical items that directly support those in need including those with disabilities, affected by homelessness, or with serious health issues.The Foundation accepts applications from UK registered charities, or those affiliated with a registered charity.

Donations usually fund items of "capital expenditure". That means items must directly help those in need, rather than contributing to the charity's running costs.Grants range from £250 to £1,000

The only branch in Northumberland is located in Morpeth.

The deadline for 2019 are:
Monday 11th February 2019.
Monday 13th May 2019.
Monday 5th August 2019.
Monday 7th October 2019.

Further details can be found on the Leeds Building Society's Website.

The Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership and the Coast Care Initiative have launched a £5,000 Community Environmental Projects Fund.

This exciting new grant scheme will enable local community volunteers make a contribution to their village or parish. Funding will be available for built environment or environmental projects. It can be used towards the cost of tools or for professional support.   

Initially, £5,000 is available in the fund until April 2019, although it is hoped that the scheme will continue for further years. Grants will normally be in the range of £750 - £1,000. In general, the scheme will provide 100% funding, although this is at the discretion of the advisory panel.

Gary Campbell, Coast Care Project Co-ordinator, said: "This exciting new funding opportunity will help to give volunteers the tools to make a real difference in our area. In so many different ways volunteers play a vital role in looking after our coast. This grant fund will help to support and develop this even further”.

The grant scheme is open to those based in, or operating in, any parish within or adjacent to the AONB (which runs along the coast between Amble and Berwick).

The scheme complements the existing Sustainable Development Fund run by the AONB Partnership, which provides grants of up to £3,000 for projects that benefit the environment, communities and visitors to the AONB.

Anyone wanting further information on either of the AONB grant schemes should contact Catherine Gray, Funding and Communications Officer on tel. 01670 622644; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the AONB website. Or contact any member of the Coast Care team


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