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Here at Northumberland CVA the organisations we work with are always telling us how crucial and valued their volunteers are. We too have Volunteers that we couldn’t do without.


So as a celebration of Volunteers’ Week, which runs from Thursday the 1st until Wednesday the 7th of June,  we’re running a photo competition. See more on Volunteers' Week at


In line with the theme of Volunteers’ Week we would like the photos to represent:

Volunteers making a difference in Northumberland.

We don’t want to make it any more specific than that because we don’t want to stifle your creativity!


The competition is open to any organisation based or delivering a project or service in Northumberland that utilises volunteers for all or part of the project.

The Closing Date is the 23rd June 2017


We will judge the picture on – Relevance, Originality, positive image of volunteering.


The Prizes will be – £80 for first prize, £50 for second and £20 for third. Prizes are payable to the organisation submitting the photo.


Please submit your image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a short description and including your contact details.


Please ensure you have read the full terms and conditions below before submitting your images.

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Terms and conditions  

  • By entering this competition you are accepting the rules on this page and agree to be bound by them.
  • We want to use photographs to show the value of Volunteering, and of the work that Northumberland CVA does to support it, so by submitting your photograph you are consenting to allow Northumberland CVA to use, distribute and publicise your photo. However, copyright of any submitted image remains with the photographer. If you do not wish to grant these rights please do not enter.
  • Groups and organisations can submit up to two photographs each.
  • Photographs should be high quality, at least 1MB in resolution. Our email account accepts images up to 10MB.
  • The closing date for entries is Friday 23rd June  2017 and winners will be notified and announced soon after. 


To enter this competition, you must get permission from:


Your organisation: Please make sure to let your organisation know, and seek their permission, before entering into the competition. 


People in the photo: If there are people in your photographs please make sure you have asked their permission, and if they are under 18, their guardian’s permission to submit their photograph.



Submit a high-quality image: Please make sure that each image is at least 1MB in size and that you set your camera to the highest quality setting. Images of a low file size or resolution may not be large enough to print to display. Images which have been shared over social media may not be of a high enough resolution to print – please submit the original image file where possible. 

Photos must be original and belong to you

Photos should be your own work and should not have previously been entered in other photo competitions. Photos that have been published on your social media accounts or used on the website or materials of your charity are fine. 

Taking part

By entering the competition you are agreeing to participate in publicity about the competition and winners. Prizes cannot be exchanged and the judges' decisions are final.


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